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The Lost Altair Software Library

BASIC and Assembly Books & Manuals

Starting with CBBS

Altair-Duino Beginner Page

Altair 8800c SN: 13195 Page

Altair 8800 SN:222820K Restoration Page


Sol-20 SN: 303755 Restoration Page

More Solutions for Altair-Duino Beginners


The Add Water and Stir Altair-Duino Pro Kit


Projects to Further Expand your Altair Computer!

Add a little Speech & Singing to your Altair-Duino with a SpeakJet chip

Servo Motor Control and Stepper Motor Music

Further Expanding for your Altair Computer

Notes for the DHansel I/O Expansion Back Plane

Too Bored? Try a Two Board Altair 8800c!
from a little computer shop in Texas