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Servo Motor Control and Stepper Motor Music

Servo Motor Control

Stepper Motor Music

I am NOT a great programmer, but I do eventually get things figured out!
Now you write a better program and send it to me to be posted here.
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You can use a RS232 to TTL Level Changer, but they require a 5V d.c. from another source
That will allow use of the serial port on the back of the computer.

For a simple internal tap ... GND, +5V d.c. and TTL Data OUT;

The Secret Sauce?
For Servo Control I'm using a Pololu.com Maestro Servo Motor Controller
Maestro Servo Motor Controller

For Stepper Motor Control I'm using a Pololu.com Stepper Motor Controller
TIC Stepper Motor Controller

Please let Pololu.com know I sent you!