Walter Kim Perko

Born 1950 in hospital up river from Pig's Eye Landing

Attended Motley, Marcy, John Marshall and the U of M IT before joining the United States Navy in 1968 as an Avionics Fire Control Technician.

Walt completed his U.S. Navy tour of duty after four years active (CLASSIFIED) duty including exposures to California, Tennesee, Philippines, Korea and Viet Nam.

Upon returning to Minnesota after his Naval tour Walt then continued his education in computer sciences and aeronautics at the University of Minnesota receiving an Associates Degree in Computer Science and a Commercial/Instrument Pilots License.

After completing his education Walt worked for MedGeneral then Control Data Corporation, then Walt contracted for freight and aerial photography eventually moving to California to work for Singer/Link Corp. at the NASA AMES Research Center. Later Walt moved to a compnay named MultiMetrics, next came more flight training for Boeing 747 at WAG (World Aviation Group) at the "Flying Tigers" Training Center LA International Airport 1986. Although Walt had completed his Boeing 727 and 747 basic ground school training and completed the FAA testing his flying career was not going well ... and so Walt moved back to computer and network support his other expertise ... working as a Federal Contractor for: MSCPAC, USNPUC, DOJ, and moving back to the civilian workplace at Wells Fargo Bank.

After many years of work Walt decided to take a long vacation from the corporate world and moved to rural Hawai'i where he pursued his creative arts while living on his 2-acre compound of gardens to raise chickens and geese for eggs and his long-time pet Cockatiels (some as much as 20-years old). Walt then moved to San Diego to look for a new home not finding a house within reasonable costs Walt then moved onto Tucson where he bought a nice house and started "OPEC of the West" Educational Autonomous and Remote Control First Person Shooter Gaming Robots that play dozens of games including his primere game "Castles & Crosses".

In the late 1970's Walt was an active member of the International Aerobatics Club Chapter #78 "the Minnesota Cloud Dancers" including judging and chairing regional IAC sanctioned Aerobatic contests.

In 1990 Walt began writing "This is America" completing the essential song and lyrics in 1991. His hope is that school children will continue to add lyrics so that the song evolves along with the evolution of Democracy around the world. You can buy my music on ... just search for Walt Perko.

Now Walt's concentrations are on consumer robot designs and building a new business; "the L'Robotorium Shop".