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I am making a bunch of these different little robots … even if I only give them away to little kids that are stuck in hospitals the lessons will be passed on … but bigger plans are the goal;

All this is so younger children can start learning how to build their own toys … learn using BASIC language how to make their toys have different functions with minimal help from their parents or other adults that don't know anything about Electronics, Mechanics or Programming … just follow a few pictures, copy/paste program examples and then figure out how to turn a program example into a subroutine … the last few projects in the book. 

As 3D Printers become more accessable learning 3D CAD/Modeling and printing is becoming a common part of all peoples lives … I'm giving them a reason to print. 

What else can I do at 64-years old, no job, no income etc… learn a few new things and find a way to help the world become a better place … and maybe if I'm lucky, get a royalty payment to help make my own retirement a little better too. 

What I enjoy best is being a mentor to young children … 3+ for 3D CAD/Modeling (I think if a child is old enough to draw and color they're old enough to learn how to create their own 3D CAD/Models to draw and color.)  By about 7-years old they're ready to start assembling little toys they can play with having the help of a parent or mentor that as the child is capable can expose them to the wiring on the RoboGuts board to the programming the functions.  This gives the children more incentive to learn and play with technology than just respond to simple games. 

The brain functions that help a child play Tetris or other games is the same brain functions that perform more productive tasks as play too.  Tapping into the brain functions at younger ages and pointing them in the direction of productivity is only going to make the world a better place. 

The toys they build using my approach are designed that the children can program them for FPS/CTF type games they play in the same room with other children so they can learn to play nice with each other as well as be playing safely OFFline so they're not talking to perverts and predators … and that's where I got started with all this … I used to play Counter-Strike several hours a day when I lived in Tucson, AZ.  At 3pm the kids get out of school and jump into the games and on some of the servers there were perverts and predators talking to the kids, teaching them all sorts of demented sex acts and asking for their addresses and phone numbers etc … So I designed "Castles & Crosses" and a bunch of robots to play the OFFline Educational Gaming Robot System; :

… but it didn't get enough interest to keep going … so I started experimenting with other ways to help little children play OFFline;

Mentoring would be a great reason to get out of the house:

But my plans for the L'Robotorium Shop are that the shop is like a local neighborhood community center supported by the local community and operated by college students earning beer money and college credits for working in the shop … old guys like me would work in the shop too as mentors in trade for shop time and machine use.  All the machines need to be desktop devices, not giant CNCs etc… just machines ordinary people would use for small home hobby projects … leaving the bigger projects to local auto garages and other machine shops with more expensive equipment.  This way the local L'Robotorium Shops are affordable to stay open and operating.  BTW, all this is also a great way for other retired seniors to get up and have a purpose in life too. 


Investors Needed to Take Robot Projects Retail!

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