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40- BillyBot & Clarence the miniFloppySuperHeroBot

39- BillyBot We're Coming 2 B Ur Leaders

38- BillyBots "I'm Mobile, but I Can't Stand Up!"

37- AdaptiveAbilities

36- miniFloppyBot on Human Ailments

35- miniFloppyBot with OLED eyes

34- R We Not Always an Earthling?

33- The Master Needs Humor & Writing Skills ...

32- BillyBot5 ReTrain the Human Brain

31- BillyBot singing "I Gotta Get Me Some"

30- PIXYbot Ugly Sacks of Mostly Water

29- BillyBot and AI

28- PIXYbot Sees a Big Fat Belly

27- 3D Printed Twitch + Build a Robot Song

26- BillyBot LOL c

25- BillyBot & the Parrot Feathers

24- RoboGuts™ Lesson-00, 02 and 10 BuildUp

23- BillyBot5 Singing "Dancing on the Broken Glass Ceiling"

22- BillyBot and the Elevator

21- BillyBot1 Back 2 Normal Back 2 Work

20- BillyBot1 + UpGrade 2 Monkey Arms

19- BillyBot visited the 2016 San Mateo Maker Fair

18- BillyBot Jokester in the Shower

17- miniTellsJoke

16- mini Thinking about Mothers Day

15- 2x BillyBots May4th

14- Binary BillyBot Counts

13- BillyBot What Dream Makers we are + Rubbish

12- The Saga of Watt and Hu

11- A BillyBot Christmas Card w/Lyrics & Text

10- Build a miniFloppyBot w/a RoboGuts™ Kit

09- RoboGuts™ Kits so easy 2 use

08- Build a BillyBot Robot Kit in a Day Singing "Electronic"

07- RoboGuts™ Kits so easy 2 use

06- 3 Bots Sing 'n Dance Fiasco

05- the DARPA challenge

04- Dude, Fix Ur Baud Rate

03- Nervous BobbyBot3 "I NOT GO!" 2 the Moon!

02- BillyBot says, "Send the Master to the Moon!"

01- RoboToons Robot Theater - I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

00- Santa's WorkShop

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Ready-2-Play Robotics
5t4nd1ng @ th3 3dg3 0f 5p3ct4t10n!
Buy a RoboGuts™ Kit and Build yourself a Talking, Singing 'n Dancing RoboToons Character!
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