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2011 Spring Break
"Beginners: BASIC Build a Robot" class
Celebrating National Robotics Week
(Scroll down to: "Beginners: BASIC Build a Robot" on the Events/Monday page)
in Oceanside, California

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CanBot1 Project
What fun was accumulated and crammed into a peanut can ... now moved into a BallBot1 robot for the consumer market
BallBot1 Project

We need more materials!

Two or more 6-channel DSM Radios & receivers would be nice

A BiPedal Robots for Demos and Games
(Kondo, RoboNova-1, DARwin-OP, NAO ???)

Maybe a handfull of B.R.A.T. Bots?

Also, HexaPods ... different platforms for demos and play.

The unemployed/zero income teacher could use a little financial help too.
BallBot1 Project

The Sponsors for Spring Break Week! ...

donating 10-Scribbler Robots for the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
and another 10-Scribbler Robots for the Crown Heights Community Center ...

donating IR LEDs and IR PhotoResistors and Resistors
to add "Collision Avoidance" to the robots we build in the classes ...

donating 24-AA Batteries so we could run the Scribbler Robots! ...

manufacturing four of these little quarter size parts
so we could build a wear-resistance CheezeyBot cardboard wheel

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