EarthCom - “the New Global Network”
Copyright 1989 Walt Perko

EarthCom Satellite System (ECSATS – est. 1998)

Scene 01:
‘Ol Joe is drinking a glass of orange juice eating his breakfast at the kitchen table in his home. His wife if just putting some fresh hot toast on a plate for him. ‘Ol Joe/Jane is reading the newspaper as he talks to his wife.

‘Ol Joe: Ya know, no matter how much people cry about the lack of privacy, how our digital identities are sold and re-sold dozens of times everyday, they just aren’t going to get any control of their digital identities nor will they ever get paid for its use.

‘Ol Joe’s wife: I don’t know why people bother. If they just watch their own business they will see any crime in progress involving their identity and finances and only have to report it to ECSATS fraud division. They can track down the criminals in a matter of a few day’s and the problem is solved.

‘Ol Joe: Well, that might be true, but do you even check your portfolio once a week even? For all you know, there could be ten jerks out there shopping-up a storm with your identity.

‘Ol Joe’s wife: I’m not worried. Once a month when I get my credit bill I can give it a once-over and know I’m okay.

‘Ol Joe: I guess I’d better get to work. (‘Ol Joe gets up, walks to another den like room open to the living room and sits in a really cool, comfortable massage chair. He puts on a pair of data-gloves and a VR HMD.)

Scene 02:
Basic VR environment for film ... ‘Ol Joe finds the suspect node. Query’s his AI terminal to see it’s reported as a small company transferring personnel files … seems to be too many files.

Scene 03:
’Ol Joe talks to his wife about the suspect node.

Scene 04:
‘Ol Joe talks to some friends about the suspect node.

Scene 05:
Basic VR again and he changes his wallpaper scene in VR from pleasant grass ‘n trees to cool animated computer graphics. Checks up on suspect node to see it’s still much busier than normal for a small computer company.

Scene 06:
Special conference with his primary manager to discuss suspect node while at work in VR

Scene 07:
Finds node again, but its ID had been “shadowed” by a false ID so he files another report to his manager on the AI terminal.

Scene 08:
‘Ol Joe’s manager reprimands him for poking around a node for a small business transferring personnel files … ‘Ol Joe argues his point that there’s something wrong but his boss say’s leave it alone.

Scene 09:
‘Ol Joe talks to his wife about the suspect node and his boss’ comments to leave it alone … stay away. He wants to go over his managers head about the problem to get it properly investigated. His wife warns him this could cause trouble.

Scene 10:
‘Ol Joe goes to his company office to talk in-person to his manager’s boss about the suspect node and that his manager seems to be either side-stepping the issue or covering up something. His manager’s boss say’s it’s a small company thing and his AI terminal made an incorrect report, and so it’s no big deal … forget it.

Scene 11:
‘Ol Joe again talks to his wife how the boss seems to be covering up something … this small company thing just doesn’t seem right.

Scene 12:
‘Ol Joe’s back at work in VR. He has his AI terminal pass info from the node and about the node to his home system for evidence gathering.

Scene 13:
‘Ol Joe’s boss’ see his accumulation of evidence and begin retaliation tactics to try and fuzz-up his data so it’s not usable.

Scene 14:
‘Ol Joe goes to his managers boss once again to try and show the evidence that things are not right and something ought to be done. His managers boss say’s he’s personally checked it out and it is like he said before, his AI terminal is getting incorrect data from the suspect node and he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Scene 15:
‘Ol Joe back again in VR at work, walking his beat and discussing the situation with some other Net engineers. They decide to meet in private to protect themselves and discuss details of how to investigate the suspect node.

Scene 16:
‘Ol Joe meets the other Net engineers who bring along programmers and other Net engineers who suspect all isn’t right with the control and authority of the EarthCom management. They all decide what their “handles” will be for their own personal security on the Net.

Scene 17:
‘Ol Joe greetz the Net engineers and programmers in VR. Programmers are re-programming ‘Ol Joe’s AI terminal to have a higher security access level so ‘Ol Joe can gather even more info on the suspect node while the other Net engineers ‘n programmers begin to trace it’s true physical address and attributes.

Scene 18:
‘Ol Joe and the Net engineers ‘n programmers have all their data and evidence … they’ve crossed referenced the data to missing and deceased people world-wide. They still don’t know what it means, but decide to meet again at “Berfunkle Wornut’s” house to decide how to continue.

Scene 19:
On his way to “Berfunkle Wornut’s” house, ‘Ol Joe riding on the BART through the West Oakland BART station looks down on the ratty rag-torn neighborhood.

Scene 20:
Everybody in the group meet at “Berfunkle Wornut’s” house and plan to visit the physical address one evening to see what’s there.

Scene 21:
Riding together on the BART to the West Oakland BART station they look down on the ratty rag-torn neighborhood. They see the local folk out ‘n about, on their front porches trying to keep cool from the summer heat, kids playing in the streets etc…

Scene 22:
Getting off the BART and assembling in the parking lot with a few others who drove their cars ‘n vans to the meeting place.

Scene 23:
It’s really dark, most of the kids are inside homes as is the other folks have gone in to watch TV etc… ‘Ol Joe and the Net engineers ‘n programmers quietly move along the streets looking for the address of the house the suspect node was traced to. They have bio-scanners, night-vision scopes as well as an EMF/LAN scanner to aid their search. They find the house, see the LAN actually does go into the home on a high-capacity line strung on the local telephone poles from the BART station. The goto the house, looke it up ‘n down and all around deciding it seems empty by visual search and scanner searches. They knock on the front door but there is no answer. The push open the old broken door and enter a seemingly empty structure quietly walking through the house looking for clues.

Scene 24:
One of the Net engineers pulls-up an old bit of carpet and finds a knothole through the floor with a dim blue light coming up through. They all look closer at the old wooden floor and decide they can see the faint blue light in several places in the cracks in the floor. So they pull-up a floor board as quietly as they can to discover a very large room 20’ below. It seems to have a geometric structure to the floor design with shallow canals of a clear fluid flowing in the canals. Also inside the canals are equally spaced circular platforms that raise just above the fluid. The canals are about 3’ wide and equally spaced about 8’ apart in a grid-like fashion. They decide a few of the Net engineers and ‘Ol Joe should drop down and get a closer look, maybe get a sample of the fluid.

Scene 25:
One of the Net engineers gets a large rope from the trunk of his car, another gets a glass jar from his back-seat, and they head back to the house quickly.

Scene 26:
‘Ol Joe and the three Net engineers all descend into the lower room to get a closer look … when they get to the higher dry spaces between the canals they look around and the room seems to go on for miles in all directions. One of the engineers takes a sample of the fluid into the glass jar. There seems to be a slight formaldahide scent mixed with other street type smells, but not very strong because the whole place seems to have a very constant light wind going towards the SF Bay. They notice a large dark rectangle not too far away that goes up to the ceiling.

Scene 27:
As they all look around and their eye’s adjust to the light they hear a slight sound off in the distance and then realize it’s the echo from within the dark rectangle. They walk over to the rectangle to see what it is. One engineer decides to try and lift the dark-burnt-orange 2’ diameter lid up to see what’s under/inside. Out flows a human body like an almost flat rubber raft into the stream and starts to flow away, but also a tiny red light on the ceiling above turns ON and blinks. The noise from the large dark rectangle changes, then gets louder as the people inside open the door on the far side just as the other engineers and ‘Ol Joe are coming around the corner to see each other in amazement.

Scene 28:
The two groups explain themselves and the found-out scientists start to clam-up on what their job is, but one of the Net engineers recognized the face of one of the scientists as a leading genetic engineer. He say’s so out-loud and then the Net group decides they all must be genetic engineers and start to question the scientists exactly what they are doing here. The scientists say it’s a classified research project and if they just sit still security will be here promptly to evacuate the Net engineers.

Scene 29:
One of the Net engineers is snooping around inside the rectangular room and grabs a few folders and journal, packs them into his back under his shirt and motions the others to leave with him. They all immediately run to the ropes and are climbing out yelling what they found to the programmers above. They yell for the programmers to call the police immediately. They all get out and head back to the BART station to hide leaving a note tacked to the door telling the police what was found. They want to be safe from arrest incase the police are also in on the project.

Scene 30:
The police find the scientists and are questioning them about their being there, what is the lab for, what are in all the little canisters in the liquid streams etc… Then begin to arrest the scientists because there is no records of the lab and there are no credentials to show it is authorized to exist where it is. The Net engineers are watching and see what’s happening and decide to play it safe and further research the lab before coming forward.

Scene 31:
The Net engineers ‘n ‘Ol Joe go back to “Berfunkle Wornut’s” house and begin to look through the journal and folders. They discover what the lab has been setup for (the real secret of the movie is here) and realize this is a technology that will change all there is about genetic research when the news gets out!

Scene 32:
The Net engineers ‘n programmers ‘n ‘Ol Joe all decide they have to make the information public as soon as possible or they will be killed soon as they’re found-out. They decide to scan and email all the documents with a letter explaining there basic purpose to all the news agencies, TV and Radio they possible can from the online phone books.

Scene 33:
The news is broken and the Net engineers all decide to split-up and try and be unknown to the origin of the bust, but because their boss’ have been in on the project know who they are and have sent another group to fetch them … a little too late.

Scene 34:
When the boss’ goons arrive one quick-thinking Net engineer calls 911 and the police just happen to be very nearby and stop the impending raid … call for back-up and begin to try and catalog the license info of all the vehicles around the area so they might capture as many of the goons as possible.

The End.

Satellite system is a form of mass-storage by transmitting data around the large satellite array using the time & space between satellites as storage … Each satellite itself is a “SDDA” or Super Dense Data Array each capable of holding a YottaByte of data … the data transmission rates between each of the satellites is in the order of YottaBytes/picoseconds …

Although there is a base set of satellites circling earth there is also a project to build arrays of SDDA stations on the moon and some of the other planets in the local solar system which also communicate back and forth with data and aide in the backup of all earths knowledge and dreams. Part of the first remote SDDA system is also building solar collectors across the moon to gather energy to be beamed to both earth and as backup power for the EarthCom satellite system besides being used on the moon for local projects.

The whole idea is that as people save anything they can realize in a document the USCS (Universal Spatial Computing System) will actively associate that data into the AI engine that manages all of earth’s knowledge base so that anybody searching for a specific fact will also be presented with choices of how they might use those facts.

The moon’s solar array is actually several sets of solar arrays each strategically placed to gather solar energy and convert it to HDMwaves (High Density Microwaves) to be beamed down to earth to be used as electricity to power cities and industry. As the moon revolves about the earth and sun there will always be at least two array sets in the sun to collect energy. Eventually it is planned to have nearly the entire surface of the moon covered with solar electric panels to feed the need for power on earth and in space.

The genetic info gathered is a map to other dimensions where other people live … our dreams hold some of the keys to those other dimensions …

The search for a DNA string to match specific geniuses from the past to trace kinship ... to find matches to trace eggs and sperm to recreate the individual clone in a more natural rebirth method ... The reason is that the more closely the match the more likely to specifically retrieve the soul of the original person from the ether … to get the original person back almost intact with only slight interactive variations or to try to filter out those interactive variations gleaned during eternal suspension …

Another part of the project was to compare DNA from species all over the universe to find the ID Tags of those who designed & built organism and to track how they mixed & matched over the eons making up the people, animals and plant life that exist everywhere … For hidden in the billions upon billions of DNA data are the ID Tags set by the origin … every cell turns ON or OFF different DNA string sets to perform what the cell needs to function normally … comparing all the DNA strings with all the different functions leaves out the ID Tags of the origin … little DNA strings that ID who created strain of life … who is the origin.

Our Future
Is who we are and what we are just what is contained in our brain ending at the brain stem? Or is all that we are include our bodies too? We won't know for sure until we have achieved singularity.

For space travel it's not practical for us to leave this solar system. So probably we will send all we know about DNA, singularity along with machines that will just print new carbon based life. Everything will be packed in a capsule that can travel for millions of years until the capsule finds a habitable planet to land on ... then the capsule will open up and begin printing life ... and maybe that life will be us or just a new us replicated as the next species of human. Now we become the gods of the new world ... and so as they grow and develop they too will honor us as their God ... never knowing truly where they came from.

Traveling a straight line is very nearly impossible ... when we try to pencil a straight line ... because everything in space is moving in a curve the straight line must also be drawn as a curve.


The BackEnd of the Internet