The Original Day's of Personal Computing


$2,000 + shipping for all the material in the Plastic Bins

1974 to early 1980ís


Three Bins of Vintage Chips, S-100 boards, Program Audio Tapes, Paper Tapes, Original Documentation and Magazines


Eleven S-100 @ $100 ea. = $1,100 + Apple Cat II modem $500 + $500 in chips and the bonus speech board


Original!Paper & Cassette Tapes, Altair Docs, Sol-20

a bin of documentation by itself worth $2,000!

More than 60 magazine values $10 - $25 each



More than 60 magazines = $600 + value!



Apple CAT II Modem and it works! A $500 value!




TARBELL Cassette I/FModel 1001


Two of these ADS PROM Blasters




Vandenberg Data Products 16K Static RAM




XITEX Dallaw SCT-100


ITHICA Audio IA-1100


DynaByte 16K RAM


IMSAI Video Board-1†††† &†††† Video Board-2 PiggyBacked




Original Print Out of StarTrek


Cross Assembler for Intel 8080



Tons of Original MITS Altair 8800 Documentation













Original Cassette Tapes from MITS/Micro-Soft

Altair BASIC












Processor Technology Documentation too!

my 3rd home hobby computer







Newsletters and Papers from the old day's Included























Early step into Virtual Reality for Home Hobbyists




















Artwork for making S-100 Printed Circuit Boards
















The Floppy ROM Experiment

InterFace Magazine Issues Included FREE Software