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Leonard a Double Yellow Amazon Parrot Rescued from the Streets of Las Vegas - blog

20180418-Today Leonard passed away about 9:30am from his avian papilloma virus... he had as good a life here as I could make for him and we had become very good friends ... companions. It's difficult to even think to replace Leonard with another pet bird after the bonding I had with Leonard.

I will miss Leonard for a very long time.

Leonard's Favorite Song

20180415-Another Parrot Dish idea for PVC perches ... two sizes ... work great!

75mm/3" dish

50mm/2" dish

Download the files from: PinShape.com

PVC-Peg4PVC-SingleDish.STL . . . . . 50mmDish4PVC-SingleDish.STL . . . . . 75mmDish4PVC-SingleDish.STL

20180414-8:30am I hear Leonard making a soft call to me, I open my eyes and he's sitting on the bed about two inches infront of my face. When he sees my eyes open, he leans forward and gives me a kiss on the nose, chirps some more so I know he wants me to give him a lift either to the bathroom perch or the living room perch.

Today he's been really good at just stepping on my finger for me to give him a lift around the house instead of his usual growling and snapping at me so that most of the time I get a stick for him to travel on.

I can only guess he's still feeling sick, although he is eating more normal. I just hope he's not just getting back to being lazy and not flying anymore like when I first got him and he had clipped wings ... so that I had to carry him everywhere.

20180413-Leonard's having a little pineapple. Sadly, he's still not feeling so well and I have to carry him around because he doesn't have the strength to fly these last few days.

20180411-8pm Great news, Leonard is more alert, still not strong enough to fly around, but he's eating carrots, nuts and some buttered bread crust.  He did completely anilate one lemon slice and ate a little on a second one, but three little carrots is pretty much more than I've ever seen him eat carrots.  He did a little lettuce, not much, but a few bites. 

Best thing is he's alert, eyes wide open and moving around more like normal in his living room area … now even going after a few tiny black sunflower seeds. 

I guess he caught the same cold as I had. 

20180411-Leonard is sick for a second day now

20180407-Another smaller, simpler parrot perch feeding dish for little snacks ...

FREE 3D printer files online! https://pinshape.com/items/44465-3d-printed-parrot-snack-dish-for-pvc-perches

20180405-I finally remember to take a small video camera when we did our daily mail run ... This is about a 60 foot flight. Leonard likes to fly and has gotten strong enough to fly the full 100 foot length of the hallway several times now. He does that once in a while I guess for the fun of flying.

20180331-I bought a carton of frozen yogurt today and Leonard stole the fork I was using to feed us right out of my hands! Leonard wanted the frozen yogurt ALL for himself! The whole carton!

20180323-Decided on a new approach to a perch that will let Leonard have a narrower perch to sit on, or stretch his feet almost flat between two 12.7mm/0.5inch dowel rods.

The new part files for 3D printing slip into a 1" PVC pipe bracket; https://pinshape.com/items/43927-3d-printed-dual-dowl-parrot-perch

I'll use Elmer's Glue to stop the 3D printed parts from spinning inside the PVC elbow brackets ... the wooden downs can spin. I bought one wooden dowel and cut it down to two 30cm/1foot long pieces for his bathroom perch where he sits in the mirrors the most.

I'm hoping this helps his feet with a little more streatching and maybe also help with forcing his toe nails to grow straighter too.

20180319-Leonard just does not likeg Daylight Savings Time ... it's totally screwed up his eating times and sleeping times. His problem is my schedule of getting up, making breakfast and going to bed. Leonard wants to get up at 9am, goto sleep at 11pm now. I'm getting up at between 8am and 9am and goto sleep at 10pm.

20180226-Recently I visited

"For the Birds" store 3210 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130 PH: (702) 866-2473

The first day after buying food for Leonard from the proprietor "Jessie", Leonard didn't touch the bisquets or pellets, the second day he tried a few pellets and started eating the bisquets one after another. Now he seems to snack on bisquets but I don’t thnk he''s touched a pellet since day two. I'm trying to get him to stop filling up on seeds.

Leonard eats a little egg, mashed potatos, corn, carrots, Ramen lettuce, cabbage, even likes to eat pizza, cheese and chimmy congas. It seems he thinks he should take the biggest pieces of food I eat for himself, but he does share a little. Leonard likes to crack open Walnuts and Almonds. He almost seemed to live on walnuts for a year or so, then suddenly January he only wanted almonds. Now it seems he's lost his taste for almonds and cracked a few walnuts, but mostly wants the smaller seeds.

Leonard really likes the tiny black sun flower seeds, but I stopped letting him eat as many as he wants. Leonard comes to me on my bed in the evening for a few of the larger sunflower seeds. He'll eat a half-dozen or so before walking over to his big cage to goto sleep.

Leonard prefers a little mashed potatos and sweet corn for breakfast. He likes a little bit of egg for supper in the evening. After eating people food, he then goes for seeds as I guess a final filler. I'm trying to get him to eat the pellets and bisquets first, then go for seeds, but he just ignores them and digs through the old seed husks for the seeds he missed.

I really hope I can get Leonard to eat pellets for a main meal after a little potatos or eggs. I think today I'll try adding a couple of the pellets into the mashed potatos to see if he eats that.

20180220-Although I have eight little plastic food dishes I bought from the 99’ store I find I want some alternative depth dishes and some seem to be eaten away by the food sitting in them all day ... so I designed a few different dishes that can be 3D printed (much cheaper than buying dishes anyway.)

DOWNLOAD 20mm to 90mm Deep Parrot Food Dishe Files
IF somebody wants a different size, don't hesitate to ask.

20180115-Leondard has gotten so friendly, even his "Angy Bird" days lasted much shorter and in the evening when he wanted his dinner, he was much more friendly than the rest of the day.

Today, he let me trim his toe nails without too much fuss. I just goto him with a pair of sharp electronic diagonal cutters and he'll do a little dancing around on the perch, but doesn't fly away anymore. I just trim off about 5mm from the tip far from any veins or other visible structures inside the nail and he's beginning to trust me more and more.

I'm hoping eventually, I can get Leonard to readily get on my finger, let me set him down on the bed so he can roll over on his back and let me trim all his toe nails in one setting. Too bad they grow in such tiny circules, but even giving Leonard fat perches doesn't seem to make the toe nails grow straighter.

20171218-Leonard has been an Angry Bird for a few days now. He's grumbling almost all day, making loud noises in the mornings and his eyes pin when I get near as he grumbles at me. Still he mellows out when he wants something to eat and will even give me a nice kiss on the nose when I ask him for a kiss. I think he doesn't feel good since he's molting and probably horney too, but knows I'm his best friend and that seems to make his frustration more angry.

When I say we need to go check the mail, then Leonard climbs up on a perch so he can gently step onto my finger so I can put him in the travel cage for a short trip to the mailbox and back. Any chance to get out of the apartment. I've been stopping down the hall from the door, putting a practice perch in the hallway in front of the apartment door, then letting Leonard fly to the perch, then into the apartment. I hope I can just get Leonard to start flying to the apartment without the practice perch.

The first few tries Leonard didn't see the perch in front of the apartment door and flew 50 feet or more to the end of the hall. Then when I pick him up off the floor he flew the 100+ feet to the other far end of the hallway. He's getting good and strong flying.

20171203-For the last few days Leonard has been on an almond binge and so I found that if I put a few almonds on a table for him, he always starts with the largest and works his way to the smallest almond to eat.

20171120-I spent time hand-coding these pages so my rescue parrot Leonard, could have his own computer to play music ... sadly, the internal speaker is so weak I can barely hear anything so I plugged an external powered amplifier with a speaker to the device and no sound comes out at all! Stupid waste of money buying a used notebook online.

20171112 Leonard hold up in the bedroom being close to the speaker where he can hear me singing "This is America"

When I got home I had to bring him out three times before he settled down and is trusting that I'm not going to leave him alone for hours like I did today and yesterday as I was showing off the RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program for Beginners & Hobbyists http://www.R2Pv1.com/ at the Barnes & Noble miniMaker Faire in Summerlin.

20171110-Happy Birthday Madeleine Franco

20171108-Today I learned that Leonard loves Martinelli's Sparkling Apple-Mango Cider ... he drank and drank about an eighth of a cup. I can't wait to see if he'll like the Apple-Grape when I get to that bottle.

20171103-Leonards Pizza Party ... I only had one slice!

20171025-As Leonard becomes more and more comfortable living here he's sleeping better. Sometimes when I walk into the room he doesn't even wake up, doesn't open an eye, he's fully passed-out. Other times he quickly lifts his head to get a good look at the noise that he hears approaching.

I'm making him fly more for exercise. I wish I could take him into the apartment building hallways to make him fly further in a straight line, but I'm afraid he might knock something off a hall table or maybe in a panic try gripping artwork hanging on the walls.

20171014-I am starting to think it was a mistake to get Leonard comfortable stepping onto my finger so I can carry him around.

Since his appetite seems to have doubled since he made that huge first poopie and many more since, he has almost completely stopped eating the big sunflower seeds (now he only eats the little black ones) he's getting fatter faster than he exercises so he can't fly as well ... thus begging me to give him a lift from perch to perch on my finger.

I don't mind giving Leonard the extra attention and help except that he grabs so hard on my finger it almost hurts. His talons aren't sharp, but they bruse my finger.

20171009-Today is the first day Leonard stepped onto my finger so I could carry him around the room and at the end he wanted to give me a kiss. At first he was apprehensive, but seemed exicited to do so too. We are really becoming good friends.

An interesting part of Leonard getting a "lift" either on a stick or from my finger is that he sees as we approach the next perch he starts to fly to the perch, but he hangs onto the stick or like today, my finger pulling me along like a dog on a leash.

20171007- Leonard has come back to sit on the perch behind me rather than the bathroom perch he's been on for a couple of months now. It's nice he wants to be near me again. Now Leonard is closely watching me update his blog ... I'm sure so he can see the new picture posted online.

20170921-Today in all Leonards excitement as he watches me fry an egg w/cheese his jumping up 'n down on top of the food dish bracket I 3D printed for him broke the bracket! Leonards getting bigger 'n healthier. He fly's around more and is even allowing me to give him a kiss on his back sometimes ... although he makes a small wince as I do so.

From seeing how his food dish brackets were bending under his ~1lb. weight I redisigned the part files I uploaded to PinShape from 5mm to 10mm to better support a mid-sized parrot.

Upon request, I am able to design even stronger dish brackets. Walt Perko

20170904-After another very short interaction with Leonard I realized I hadn't updated this info on his blog ... It's been over a year now that I stopped teasing Leonard with treats as an incentive to do anything. Now I just talk to him, praise him and he seems to be more responsive to that than any treats.

In fact, I think it's why he's learned to eat better and doesn't hardly ever beg for seeds anymore.

20170829-Leonard has been eating so much more vegies, fruit and parrot bisquets and pooping much more than ever before. Somehow, I think he got his guts cleared out of the warts/growths from his Avian papilloma virus.

Another nice thing is he's relaxing more and more and tolerating me kissing him on his back, although he still growls at fingers if they start getting close.

20170824-Leonard drops the largest lump of poop ever

20170820-Leonard hasn't had any hormone day's since the 14th ... but today he's having trouble pooping again. Last time I think it took him 3-days to get one big huge poopie out.

Today I put Leonard in the shower under nice warm water ... he's not really taking a shower, but seems to just be enjoying the warm damp air

At best is just a little liquid dripping out as he struggles over and over

20170814-Leonard seems to have got up on the wrong side of the bed today. The 12th and 13th he didn't do any morning screaming like for hormons, but today he's getting started again.

20170811-Marking the 1st day of Leonard sitting in the living room window screaming at the birds outside. I guess the hormones are coming into action again. Now I'll try to track them more accurately. Still, after Leonard was done, he was so much more friendly than in the past. He's really becoming a friend.

20170809-Last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Leonard seemed less active, growling a lot and was weaker than normal, he couldn't fully fly from the living room to his bathroom perch and vice versa. I'd have to help him up to the perches each time. Then today he's happier, flying around okay again and no more growling.

20170808-The last few days Leonard has been making a short just audible growl ... I don't know if he's in pain, or just wanting some attention. He doesn't make the sound when I talk to him or threaten to tickle his tummy. He does make a real growl like a mad dog when I do get my fingers too close to him though.

One nice thing is that I've been giving Leonard a dish with a slice of apple, a couple of strawberries and blue berries on his bedroom cage and while I'm watching a movie in the evening, Leonard is eating his fruit along with bisquits and even eating part of a Brazil nut.

20170801-Leonard is so strange. As wild a bird as he seems to be he prefers to share a plate as if in a competition to see who can eat the most than to have the plate to himself.

Another thing is I've noticed that Leonard throws out all the green bisquits from his food dish. He eats the red and brown bisquits, but the green ones just get tossed aside. I don't know if he tasted one and didn't like it or if it's just the color.

20170725-Leonard has stopped busting the cherrie seeds apart and no only licks them perfectly clean. He switched from an egg with cheese on it for breakfast to now just some melted cheese on rolled oats ... it's so much easier to fix his breakfast!

He's also slowed down a lot from eating sunflower seeds. Now it's mostly in the evening after he's eaten his supper.

20170715-2-years in August ... he just gets on my finger when he's in trouble or I force him to by putting him underneath the bathroom sink perch on top of the faucet. That's really the only time he wants to step on my finger, and he's only there long enough for me to raise him up to his perch!

I've been trying to get Leonard to walk around on the bed when I'm taking a nap, but he seems to be too nervous and just flies up to his cage or heads out to another perch around the apartment.

After watching the video, I see I'm on the right track and that with this type of bird (Amazon) they are very slow to become good pals.

I finally got a used B&N NOOK for $15. It's a touch pad reader and I made a HTML page with some parrot videos ... added a bunch of parrot photos too all from the net ... Leonard saw it and just got really angry!

I'm going to put music on it and give him buttons to press to play the music and see if that isn't better entertainment for Leonard ... although the speaker on this thing is miserable and at full volume I can barely hear anything. I may have to buy Leonard a mini-stereo if he gets into playing the music.

20170703 - Today I bought some cherries ... Leonard loves cherries so he's not eating anything but cherries and sunflower seeds.

20170625 - Amazing, almost 2-years now and finally I can just barely tickle Leonards tummy. He growls and motions like he's going to bite my finger, but after a couple of seconds of tickle I pull off to let him know he's okay and every day it's getting to be part of the one-on-one routines.

I still have to get Leonard on a stick to set him perched on the bathroom sink faucet before he will step on my finger to give me a kiss and then I let him back on his PVC perch above. He's gotten very used to that and does it like clockwork. But I just cannot get him to just step off the PVC perch onto my finger for anything. Always, I have to use a stick to put him on the faucet first. I hope one day he just learns he doesn't have to fear my fingers anymore.

20170601 - Leonard came from SNPERRS almost 2-years ago!

20170601 - I'm really happy with Leonard … he's becoming friendlier all the time … this last "hormone/mating" season he seemed to go out of his way to not be angry at me. I take a few minutes every day to have a one-on-one with him … Using a short stick I move Leonard onto the bathroom sink faucet … he can't get out of there by himself, so I make him step on my finger, give me a kiss on the nose then he quickly flies up onto his PVC perch again. We do this two time a day every day. I'm hoping that eventually I won't have to move him down to the faucet and he'll just get on my finger … next is to see if I can get him to sit on my shoulder like a good pirate parrot.

He's pretty good at doing what I tell him, gives up when I won't keep looking for something to feed him. He has good food and treats, but seems to always want something different. I quit giving him something different so he begs a few minutes, then gives up and eats what I made for him.

20170525 - Leonard is molting again ... he's over his hormone angst last month ... now he's nicer and leaving feathers everywhere.

20170522 - I break off a 20mm long piece from a carrot and give it to Leonard ... he rejects the carrot. Grabs the rest of the carrot about 200mm long out of my hand and runs to the end of the perch to chew it into a million pieces. Essentially, he wants the bigger piece all the time, he wants it all, all of the time.

Leonard Plays Keep Away

20170519 - Decided to make a better parrot cage handle because I take Leonard shopping and to the post office etc... with me as much as I can when the weather permits ... he loves going for short trips like when I go to get groceries.
Get the 3D Printer .STL file here

20170519 - Finally remembering to document that Leonard flaps his wings for lift and flies really slowly across the room and around in the apartment. The longer the flight the faster he goes, but for the 3-meter distance from the perch near my computer desk to his kitchen food dish I almost walk faster than he flies.

20170518 - Today Leonard found out he likes Corn Chowder Soup. He ate and ate and ate until he threw up! Then he sat around awhile waiting until the rest got down, then he dived back into the dish for more!

20170508 - I forgot to mention to Dr. Kenton that Leonard couldn't even fly from perch to perch yesterday evening. He'd get about 10feet then land on the floor. He was so overweight and bloated yesterday I thought he was going to explode.

Today, he's thin 'n trim and flying okay, eating more and seems happier. Dr. Kenton gave him a pass.

I looked in the bedroom cage when we got back from the Dr.'s office and there's a large poopie on the bottom … just the one because Leonard doesn't like to poop in his cage anymore. and another big one on to top section.

I'm glad Leonard is okay. I was worried he might not survive the night last night. He was so puffed up Leonard looked like a balloon yesterday!

20170430 - I would never have thought that Leonard was a midnight snacker. I bet if he could open the refrigerator door he'd get into the cheese and berries. I only found out last night when he dropped something in the empty metal food dish on his top cage food dish. I keep all his bisquets in the other dish on top. I guess he didn't want to get the current bisquet mixed up with the others in the dark so he took it to the other side of the perch. But the noise woke me up, I looked around, turned a night-light on to reveal Leonard with a bisquet in his left foot and him chewing away at it. I wonder if he craves ice cream in the middle of the night too?

20170417 - Leonard has begun responding very positively to stepping up onto my finger the last few days. First he looks at the finger, then growls, then steps onto the finger to stand there for a few seconds before he flies back to his perch. He'll even give me a nice kiss on the nose while perched on my finger, but then immediately turns to fly back to his perch.

20170410 - I make Leonard mashed potatoes about 6pm daily ... if I put too much or too little butter in them he won't eat them! I found Nuts.com and now have lots of Walnuts and Brazil Nuts for him to crack open ... although he likes eating Walnuts I think they're more a toy than food for him.

I've had Leonard almost 2-years now and I still cannot get Leonard to simply climb onto my fingers to carry him around. He'll climb onto a stick or a PVC pipe no problem, but he only gets on my finger when he's stuck in an odd position that's difficult to climb or fly out of ... then he gladly grabs hold of my finger until he's able to fly off ... then he makes a snapping move at my hand just before he flies off my finger.

Still, Leonard likes to stay nearby as much as possible. My back has been messed-up for a few months now and it's too much to take Leonard with me when I go grocery shopping. He's gotten used to having to stay at home when I go, but I know he's ready to go as soon as I can take him anywhere.

Amazing how a parrot can dig into a carcass!
Leonard and the Pig Leg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8eeEZJQb48

Got me a nice pair of leather gloves from the hardware store so now I'm working to get Leonard used to standing on my fingers without biting me all the time ... he's a work in progress @)*(&%$^!

20170206-Leonard and His Masters Music

20170205-Another out of the way hang-out for Leonard

20170115-Leonard Hears His Master's Music

For a couple of days now I wake up to find Leonard standing in front of the stero speaker listening to a tune he watched me write a few days ago.

Ever since I wrote the tune, Leonard will not let me play any other music at night while we sleep!

20161227-Whenever Leonard sees me looking at him, he runs back to his perch like a little kid getting caught doing something naughty!

20161210-Today Leonard seems to have become more comfortable with the environment here, he woke up early, flew to his window perch in the livingroom and began to chirp 'n call. After I got up and went into the shower Leonard began to scream at the top of his lungs.

Yesterday morning Leonard waited until I went into the shower to scream on the livingroom perch window too. The two days before he was trying to scream loudly while I was trying to watch the news and I had to tell him to "cool his jets" so I could hear the TV.

I guess Leonard has it figured out now and has settled in on a new step towards fully becoming a housemate.

The dish on the left is walnuts … the dish on the right is other nuts in the shell. 
20161204-Leonard spends a lot of time standing on the sharpest edges too … when he's eating he stands on one food dish to eat from the other just like he's doing now;

Since his last vet visit he's been much more active and seems more comfortable with flying around the apartment.  I'm so glad he has to have newspaper under him before he poops!  His cage is so clean there's only a few feathers stuck to the cage bars when I'm vacuuming …

Leonard had started taking short flying trips from window perch to his nuts 'n seeds perch 3' away, then from the nuts 'n seeds perch to the kitchen waypoint perch, then either into the bedroom on his cage then onto the bedroom window perch next to my bed or from the kitchen waypoint to the bathroom perch.  Lately, Leonard has just been making the longer flights now from bedroom window perch all the way to the living room window perch or his nuts 'n seeds perch … the longest flights he can make here.  He used to want me to carry him everywhere, but I think he's starting to really enjoy his freedom to go where he wants in the apartment.  He rarely wants me to take him for a walk outside the apartment anymore after several walks out in the hot sun last summer. 

The more I read about parrots online I think there's no real answers to all the behaviors … that's why I send messages to MF … I know you have real familiarity with parrots v. speculators online.

Yes, Leonard likes ham, eggs (both yoke and white), cheese and eats half an apple a day besides liking yogurt, ice cream (only once in long while), little bits of bread, he's mostly stopped eating berries, but loves cracking open nuts, eating his walnuts (I have a couple of bags of shelled walnuts in the freezer I got from 3-squares), Honey Oat Clusters cereal … the clumps of oats mostly. I can't get him to eat any beef or chicken except when he sees me eating a rotisserie chicken, then he wants the tail and a leg bone. He won't eat any other leg bones ???

Leonard keeps going back 'n forth between the store Parrot food and all the other dishes … he will take a few bites off a piece of ham, fly over to the seed dish, eat a few seeds, then fly back and eat some more ham and a little apple, then back to the seed dish … at least he's getting a little extra flying exercise.

I think for the most part he's happy here, but it's a struggle trying to calm him down when he gets into screaming moods at birds outside, at me and at I guess ghosts. But I've been giving him "TimeOuts" in the little cage and now stopped covering the cage when I put him in there, but let him see me moving around the apartment or at my desk working. A couple of times I even left him in there for more than an hour, but his stays are getting shorter as he seems to ask nicely for me to let him out … and then he's back in a good friendly mood again.

20161124-Leonard is still molting a little and has a few more modly feathers to lose, but his colors are nice and bright.

20161110-Leonard finally steps down into the bath water ... he's getting more trusting living here. He hates it when he sees me change clothes to go shopping or something and gets into a real noisy tantrum.

Nap time is the same, until I finally take a nap myself, then he's all happy and purring and even naps himself.

20161020-Leonard's back eating yougert ... then he tops it off with a few sun flower seeds.

20161011-Got home about 2030 from the Las Vegas SolidWorks user Group (3D CAD Modeling) meeting and Leonard was in his cage in the dark bedroom. I guess I caught him in his sleep and he climbed out of the cage and flew right at me on attack. I was lucky, I ducked and Leonard landed on his living room perch, realizing it was me and not someone else, Leonard went back to the top of his cage to wait for me to goto bed.

I guess it is good to have a good alert attack parrot!

20161004-Today I bought a nice hot rotisserie chicken and gave a leg to Leonard who immediately chewed it open to get at the bone marrow. Then I put the "Paron's Nose" on Leonard's dish and Leonard ate everything but the bone itself! He really liked eating all that fat!

20161003-It's almost like a light switch ... Leonard seems back to 100% of his normal self now after a few weeks of anger sessions, hardly eating and preferring to spend all his time alone. I sure hope his hormones are back to normal ... at least his feathers are bright colors and his feather mold is gone.

One of the nice things is I don't have to clean Leonards cage anymore. He always goes to a perch with newspaper to do his poopies and keeps his cage clean as possible. All I have to do around the cage is clean up a few scraps of paper or cardboard he was playing with once in a while.

20160930-Leonards moldy feathers much improved!

20160924-Yesterday afternoon Leonard got into a mood, tried to attack me a few times until I finally took him out for a walk and let him cool his jets under a covered cage. By 10PM he was back to his normal self. Today, he's totally back to his normal self again.

I have to wonder about Leonard and how he thinks about me. When I take an after lunch nap Leonard flies into the bedroom to sit on his cage to listen to music while I nap in bed. He really wants to be there when I nap. OTOH, in the evenings he goes to his cage and seems to rage until I get into bed myself. Leonard is very protective of his cage ... his sanctuary. I've had Leonard for more than a year and I have to wonder how long it will take before he will let me pick him up, ruffel his feathers. Still, Leonard doesn't play with any toys. The closest he comes to play is chewing on big nuts like Brazil nuts and Walnuts. I have to pry the Walnut shell slightly so he can get his beak into the crack ... and that seems to make him happy.

Leonard does like to poop into the bathroom sink with water in it, then watches me drain the water and poop and refil the inch deep pool of water in the sink. I think it might be another connection to when I use the toilet myself.

20160824-About a week ago Leonard seemed to be bored with eating egg for breakfast, but he's always dancing and climbing around on his egg dish as he watches me eat the rest of the egg, but I put a little dab of Gray Pupon mustard on the halves I eat. So a three days ago I tried spearing some Gray Pupon on the bit of egg I gave to Leonard and he gobbled it all up and is now eating even more egg for breakfast in the morning. I guess he likes the stuff.

20160807-Leonard is napping while I work and listen to BONES on the TV until he heard a whistle on the TV. So I tried the same whistle and put a finger out so he could fly to my finger, but Leonard just looks at me like I'm wasting his time. I'm pretty sure Leonard thinks of me as his personal servant and nothing more.

On another note, since Leonard broke all the little beads off the hanging toy in the bathroom he doesn't touch the toys anymore. In fact, he hardly spends any time in the bathroom anymore. He's just back on the office perch watching me working or napping.

20160725-Although Leonard seemed back to normal, I didn't see any new poopies in his cage or beneath any of the perches around the house so I knew he needed some urgent medical attention.

I forgot to bring a camer with me so no photo as Dr. Kenton and his very able assistant worked on cleaning Leonard's vent, gave Leonard a couple of shots, then giving me a couple of medicines I have to coax Leonard to take twice daily.

You're probably lucky I didn't bring a camera or you might be looking at some really gross photos of the cruddy flesh goo the doctor cleaned out of Leonards vent.

On the trip to the doctor Leonard seemed happy and was looking around seemingly enjoying a trip in the car. Leonard's cage on the front seat gave him a perfect view to look out the front and side windows. He was purring many times.

On the way home as we sat at a long red light I let Leonard have water from a bottle cap. Leonard actually drank two capfuls of water. When we got home, Leonard had had enough of the dry air outside, was panting and his wings drooped a bit despite having the airconditioning blowing on him in his cage on the front seat.

20160724-This is the problem with Leonard having Avian papillomavirus. His vent got blocked and he was flying from perch to perch trying to poop, but he couldn't poop all day. Leonard only drank some water a few times today until about 6:30PM when his hunger got the best of him and he ate some apple, ice cream and more water, then going for some small seeds before heading for his cage to goto bed.

20160717-Leonard stopped exploring months ago because my whole apartment is clutterd like it is around his perch and he's too uncomfortable trying to navigate all the clutter. He flies from perch to perch as he pleases and I'm very happy that he does love his perches. I had only one with the manila rope on it and noticed he stood on the rope to sleep so now three of his perches are wrapped with the rope. I may make a new rope perch for the top of his perch as well as the living room window perch ... although I really don't want Leonard spending as much time on those two perches.

20160715-He's done chewed off all the little 8mm beads off the hanging toy tree.

The plastic beads seem to be Leonards target of destruction.

20160710-Tonight Leonard is really playing with the string of plastic toys hanging by his bathroom perch. This is the first time I see him really playing with the toys more than a couple of seconds.

Leonard seems to have gotten bored watching me workin on my computer and the last few days has been spending all his time on the bathroom perch above the sink. In fact, he seems to understand that it is a good place to poop even.

Ever since I setup the 1" PVC pipe perches around the apartment Leonard has been very good at flying from perch to perch and not going anywhere else in the apartment.

After three days of taking short walks in the sun, then four days on the shady side of the building Leonard doesn't want to go outside anymore. Another thing I noticed is he doesn't goto his living room window perch anymore either. When he's not on the bathroom perch he just comes out and stands on the food dish that we wants to eat so I know to put that food in the dish.

This is great communication by Leonard, letting me know almsot exactly what he wants to eat. I bet if I had four more food dishes out (I only have 6 dishes now) he could be even more precise to his needs and wants. But so far this is working out very well and Leonard seems happy with the arrangment.

I'm just glad to see that Leonard is playing with toys now. I think that is a good sign he's settling in to live here.

While I take a shower in the evening Leonard sits there waiting for me to come brush my teeth and watches me closely as I do ... then he's ready to goto bed, but insists I give him a ride on a stick rather than fly there himself anymore. I guess this is just another way for him to be close to me ... at least I hope that's his plan.

In the bedroom Leonard owns his cage and everything within 6' of the cage and guards it with growls and mean looks. I am only allowed into the bed or the closet.

Everywhere else in the apartment Leonard seems to acknowledge that this is shared space and is friendly with me.

20160627-I think Leonard has had enough of the walk abouts outside. Today he was snapping at my fingers when I went to pick-up the cage, he growled when we went out the door and seemed to be really happy when we went back in at the mail boxes in the lobby less than 2-minutes later! I guess from now on I'll just go directly to the mail boxes with only a 10-second excursion outside from the stair exit to the front lobby entrance.

20160623-3d day WalkAbout w/Leonard ... he wants to go, but after 5-10 minutes he's ready to get back inside the apartment and nicer temperatures. Leonard is learning that being outside like the other birds is not so nice.

20160623-It's not even fake grass and doesn't do anything for Leonard

20160611-Leonard enjoys watching the birds fly by outside his window seat

20160527-Leonard weighs 467g now ... he's flying and he eats very well.

I took another photo of Leonard today … you can see on the left the photo from a month ago v. on the right today.

I really don't think the Listerine is doing anything to get rid of the darkness in his feathers. OTOH, after he dries out from being well spritzed he licks his chest feathers. I think he likes the taste of the dry Listerine.

Any good places to buy Walnuts in the shell? I've found Leonard likes chewing off the shells more than eating the nuts, but he does eat some of the nut out of each shell he cracks open. Leonard really seems to like the Walnuts and Brazil nut shells as they're the toughest for him to open.

Leonard has taken to chewing up pieces of wood. He started on the top perch of his cage and I've scolded him a few times trying to get him to stop it, but he keeps working on it when he thinks I'm sleeping. I got some sticks from the park and put them around a few places … he's finally started chewing on them and even seems to play hanging upside down in the living room window perch.

Leonard really guards his cage … I guess he considers it's his private property. Leonard doesn't like me getting close to the cage anymore. OTOH, he keeps it much cleaner and flies to the living room to poop on one or the other perches there instead. He quit pooping in the shower, I don't know why … I always gave him a good-boy and thumbs up when he did, but he seems to save it for the PVC perches with newspaper below now.

The PVC perches I made really help to keep the floor clean and make it much easier to clean too. No cage parts to deal with, just wrap up the paper and place a clean own down on the platform. It only takes seconds.

Lately, Leonard has been eating a lot of Celerey … he seems to like that better than lettuce. He eats peas, sweet corn, has to have his butter spuds in the evening about 6pm or I won't hear the end of his nagging. He like ice cream, but seems to like Cottage Cheese better … still I can't find the one thing to motivate Leonard for lessons of any kind. It maybe I just feed him plenty so he's not hungry until evening.

Leonard prefers I play videos on the computer rather than watching TV … I'm not sure why. He loves seeing himself in pictures on the PC and on his blog page. Whenever he sees himself he starts purring like a cat.

Leonard must be relaxing more and more here as between nuts that prove to be very difficult to open and now he chews on sticks for something to do instead of just staring at me working on the computer all day every day. Yesterday he also started to use the window perch I setup for him on his own, rather than waiting for me to place him in the window. I did have to add a fence to the side of the display box to the right so he can't get in there and mess with the electronics that seems to make him very angry.

20160522-I'm too sick to even want to get out of bed, but that doesn't stop Leonard from taking a Sunday bath!

20160519-Leonard's Got Nuts! Leonard grabbed the big walnut as fast as he could, and hasn't given up trying to get it open so far. I think I found Leonard's Rubik's Cube! Finally he has a toy he wants to play with!

20160511-Cherries are back in season, I love eating cherries and I gave one to Leonard, he ate the cherrie, then he crunched up the seed ... so I gave him the seeds from the cherries I was eating and he's going to town curnching them up and I guess eating the actualy seed inside the shell. Leonard Loves Cherries.

20160507-Fire Alarms go off as somebody in the lobby kitchen is burning food on the stove. I was suprised Leonard got into the pet carrier with minimual trouble/complaining. I think the loud fire alarms scared him into being more compliant with me than usual.

After we got outside and I was talking to other residents from the building Leonard seemed relaxed and even happy to be in the much quieter atmosphere and fresh air.

I can only hope next time he gets into the carrier even quicker.

20160504-Leonard gets an upgrade on the feed dish bracket ... now it holds two dishes making it easier to keep them clean and the food selections seperate. Two heads are better than one? Three parts that are school-glued together.

This is the 3D Printer Kit Dish Bracket Kit .STL files for 3D Printing

20160502-I think I figured it out. What parrots and war have in common. The aftermath of an explosion.

20160430- I went to the Floyd Lamb Park yesterday and picked up a few sticks laying in the grass for Leonard to play with or chew on instead of the main top perch on his cage that he likes to chew up. But he seems afraid of them!

Although my apartment is small and I use it as a robot laboratory/factory/movie studio Leonard doesn't seem much intrested in exploring ... actually, Leonard likes to watch my computer monitor and when that's seem boring to him, he flies to the bedroom cage and listens to either music I've written (he seems to like "The Waltz of the Florance" best but also other electronic classical music and dance club music). Leonards cage is positioned centered between the front speakers of a 5.1 surround sound system. He likes to sit exactly center of the stereo field.

The two top 3D printed food dish brackets work great. Leonard likes them with the more shallow plastic food bins I got at the 99cent store. Here I have 3/4" diameter perch bar whereas the rest of the frame is all 1" PVC pipe.

After building and adjusting the lengths of the PVC arms I now have a perch about 6'/2M tall and 20"/50cm wide/square so that it takes up a minimal space yet provides a nice overlook of the living room and into the kitchen for Leonard.

The newpaper platform is two sheets of cardboard with a plastic garbage bag taped down on top to prevent any leakage and the newspaper is fitted around the verticals that are about 1'/30cm tall ... just high enough to that Leonard is comfortable on the perch rather than on the platform below.

First printed adapter for testing looks like it is going to work very good! Only took 10-hours to 3D print ... but it's pretty strong.

Here is the .STL file for 3D Printing: A-StandAdapter.STL

Here is a beefier version of the .STL file for 3D Printing: A+StandAdapter.STL

Here is a super beefy version of the .STL file for 3D Printing: A1+StandAdapter.STL

Designs for better floor standing perches for parrots using PVC piping and one 3D printed custom adapter.

Here you can see how the larger stainless steel feeding dish fits on the 3D printed dish bracket. I also got some 95mm shallower plastic dishes from the 99c store ... Leonard seems to like them just as well and he doesn't have to bend down and forward as much to pick out of the shallower plastic dishes.

After making the way-point perch I designed and 3D printed some feed dish holders that easily attach to the 1" PVC stands.

This is the SingleDIshBracket.STL file to print your own bird feeder bracket.

Made a training perch from 1" PVC pipe for Leonard ... total cost about $10 ... I call it his WayPoint as it is positioned so he can see it from his bedroom cage or the other perch behind my desk in the living room and he can make a short flight as he better learns how to navigate the apartment.

Who doesn't like a good freshly stolen fruit salad!

20160330- Leonard has decided that watching me working on the computer is too boring and now prefers to spend time in the bedroom listening to music.
I need an old touch screen notebook computer to add music buttons so he can make his own selections.

Leonard loves the music I write

Leonard has found sitting in the center of the stereo field he can enjoy the music even better.

Leonard Loves Pizza!

Despite having his wings clipped, he can fly after building up his confidence again.

Leonard will be a very strong flying bird when his feathers grow back!

20160222 - Leonard's confidence in flying continues to grow ... today he flew from his perch in the bedroom to the corner near his cage ... basically, he over-flew his cage and landed on the leaves of the pineapple growing in the corner of the living room window. He made the 350° turn as a hesitation in the middle of the flight ... almost stopping in the air flapping his wings. It was a fun to watch the flight.

Leonard loves his corn muffins and throughly licks the bowl while waiting for them to bake!

Leonards 1st Cage ... things 2 do while waiting for robot parts ... 3D Model the Gumba's cage.

20160217-Leonard is relearning how to fly. He's started to take flight on his own without me egging him on anymore. He fly's from perch to perch to his cage. He can turn a little, but I think he needs to learn how to turn sharper while maintaining altitude, so far he can make a sharp 135° turn, but loses all his thrust during the turn. It maybe just weak wings from not flying, or not having all his feathers back yet, or worse, if he's forgotten the techniques and has to relearn more advanced flying. OTOH, he's got a strong constitution and persistance so I'm sure Leonard is going to be flying orbits in the living room in a few months.

20160210-Leonard despite a huge lack of flight feathers is flying when I force him to fly. The first trip was about 10 meters including a 270° right turn last Sunday. The turn was to avoid flying into the stove where he's learned the burners on top are hot as I turn them ON while he's standing on them so he knows he doesn't want to be there.

Monday, Tuesday and today I made him fly about 3 meters from perch to perch with no real turns. He's gaining confidence, but he's also gaining muscle and maybe losing a little weight in the process.

I discovered Leonard likes ice cream so much he licks the plate clean!

20160106 - Weigh-in Wednesday ... Leonard still trimmed down a little 485g

Leonard is a lot more active clmbing around his cage, and jumping up on perches rather than just climbing. I still don't know if he's annoyed by the plastic balls and yogurt cups as he does mess around with them periodicaly.
Leonard is becoming much more comfortable with me and the house. He can get into very deep sleeps where my movements don't seem to wake him up. I got him to stand on one finger twice yesterday as I slipped it into a foot as he struggled with climbing around on a plastic chair.

Leonard loves his morning eggs 'n cheeze

20151230 - Weigh-in Wednesday ... Leonard trimmed down a little 486g

Although he still grabs the whole of whatever I have and runs away with it, he seems a little less greedy and seems to be eating a little less each time ... he's also playing with stuff on the cage more often too so he's getting some exercise between all his naps being bored watching me working on the computer.

20151220-Leonard falling asleep watching me working on a new circuit board design. Sometimes I think he wants to get on the computer too. He certainly wants to pick the music playing from an old cell phone himself ... but I think the icons are too small for him to work with yet. I think I need to get Leonard an old notebook so he can have an array of large icons for different music ... then I could learn what music he plays the most often.

20151212- Saturday UpDate

First real play by Leonard. He seems to be developing a a play attitude towards some of the whiffle balls, news paper and metal tray on the top of his cage.
Leonard is also eating oranges and almost attacks me for corn muffin dough when I'm mixing it up. He's also losing pin feathers and some larger feathers.

20151209 - Weigh In Wednesday ... Leonard is 492g today.

Looks like Leonard is hanging onto a good lean weight now … but I hope when he gets his flight feathers back he gains a little more muscle weight.

20151202 - Weigh In Wednesday ... Leonard is 492g today.

Leonard really has a good hang on getting weighed now … he steps off the stick onto the center of the scale making the measurement most accurate. Lately, he's preferred the Rasberries over Blueberries about 9pm, then after a couple of berries he's ready for us to goto bed.

20151125 - Weigh In Wednesday ... Leonard is 492g today.

I'm beginning to wonder if my postal scale works properly! Leonard eats a lot of apples, potatoes, eggs, blue berries and rasberries … barely eats any bisquits, but he looks very healthy and seems very happy and gets a little more friendlier and trusting every day.

20151118 - Weigh In Wednesday ... Leonard is 492g today.

Leonard maybe eating too many ButterySpuds … his feathers are starting to molt … I can't wait until he can fly so I can get him trained to fly orbits in the living room … I think he can hardly wait to fly himself!

Leonard's Lunch

20151111 - Weigh In Wednesday ... Leonard is 486g today.

20151108 - Leonard falling asleep again waiting for his evening blue berries. He's in a much better mood today since I stayed home and when I took a nap Leonard insisted on sitting on top of me I guess so I couldn't get away.

20151107 - Leonard is getting more affirmative in his communications with me. When I have some visitors he gets very angry and loud and even seems scared with some and yet with a couple of others he's perfectly calm and relaxed. Tonight he got very loud expressing his anger that I was offering him some berries instead of mashed potatos. Then I realized I hadn't made a small mashed potato so he ate some of that, then screamed for something else, but the bird so far is still not talking so I have no idea what he wants. Finally I gave him a blue berry, but it's really too early for that. He may have to go to the bedroom with the lights out if he gets back to screaming again.

20151104 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.482g

Sleeping on the job ... I work and Leonard sleeps, when I take a nap Leonard stay's awake guarding the fort.

20151028 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.488g

20151021 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.488g

I'm ready to get all wet! What's going on here?

Look'it! I can flap my wings and creep around on this nice big wide perch, but I need water if it's going to do any good!

So where's the water?

How to assemble your own $6 Parrot Shower Perch

20151019 - I made Leonard a nice $6 perch for his shower using 3/4" PVC water pipe from LOWES.

20151017 - I try to give Leonard toys, but all he ever does is toss them off his cage. Leonard is content to either nap or watch me.

20151017 - It's getting late, almost 8PM and Leonard is in position for his one or two blue berry evening treat!

20151010 - Leonard is giving me the evil eye again because he wants what I have.

20151012 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.474g

20151009 - Leonard falls asleep waiting for me to finish my writing.

20151007 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.472g

20151003 - Closeup of Leonard keeping an eye on me while I take a nap.

20151002 - Testing out his new bedroom perches ... a four level stairway from bed level to about 35cm above overlooking the bed or out the window.

20150930 - Leonard is getting attitude!

20150930 - Rather than a little bite, Leonard steals away with a whole slice of toast!

It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.470g

20150923 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.468g

20151016 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.464g

20150910 - It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.462g

20150909 - Leonard is gaining weight and enjoying his new home.
See the blue berry stains on his perch? He loves'em!

20150902 - Looking at me like he sees a clown!

It's weigh-in Wednesday = 0.444g

20150831 - First photo of Leonard a few days after I received him on Aug. 8, 2015
They said he was a she and I called him Lucy at first! No wonder he kept giving me the evil eye!

20150826 - First weigh-in for Leonard = 0.424g

02150821 - Madeleine Franco and Belinda bring Leonard to his new home with a nice cage, toys and food. They're not certain Leonard is safe in this cluttered environment, but I've raised birds for over 30-years ... I'm confident I can keep Leonard out of trouble.


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